Some lines of books. By JASON NAVALLO.

I am reading this book and on the first page i saw these lines who is giving me a inspiration that we should love our work first.. Thank you jason navallo for write this book. I refuse to give up on my dreams, my vision for the future is stronger than any struggles or setbacks I face in the present beacuse i know the surest way to success lies in never give up. No matter how long it takes or how hard i have to work, i will not stop untill i have achieved what i set out for, even … Continue reading Some lines of books. By JASON NAVALLO.

First time hold canon.

When i hold the camera first time, i was so much confused and i thought it’s easy for me to capture the moments with a camera, beacuse i never thought that, i will love to become a fashion photographer, or i wll work as a photographer. Photography was not in my feild, just hold the camera and think about, search on google how can i play with a camera.? I used to think i will never use the camera beacuse that was very hard to me hold it, and clicking the pictures, i didn’t know anything about it. actually its … Continue reading First time hold canon.